Happiness starts with health.

“Small World” pediatric office was founded after many years of medical training and work with children of all ages.


  • Besprekorno čist, moderan i

    prijatan ambijent

  • Strpljivo, ljubazno i

    brižno osoblje

  • Porodična tradicija i

    godine iskustva

  • Razumne cene i

    efikasna usluga

  "Small World" pediatric office offers a distinguishing quality in:

  • immaculately clean, modern and

    pleasant environment

  • patient, carrying and

    friendly staff

  • family tradition and

    years of experience

  • reasonable prices and

    efficient service

“Small World”
pediatric office

“Small World” pediatric office was founded based on family tradition and medical ethics combined with modern approach in medical treatment of children of all ages by doctor Temira Ingistov, who graduated from Medical faculty, University of Belgrade, where she also finished her residency in Pediatrics.

In our pediatric office children are being examined by medical professionals, specialists and professors from Medical faculty University of Belgrade with exceptional personal and professional qualities.

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